Special Needs Trusts

Families caring for a special needs individual face many challenges, the least of which is paying for the multitude of care needs their loved one requires during their lifetime.  Caregivers often apply for SSI and Medicaid benefits for their loved one to assist in providing for the special needs individual’s food, shelter and care.  However, these government benefits typically provide only enough support for basic survival.

Chrys Jones understands that families and friends of a special needs individual or elderly person often wish to assist in providing a better quality of life for their loved one than government benefits alone can provide.  Many caregivers consider seeking a judgment against a responsible party for the special needs person or consider leaving them a gift in their estate planning to be disbursed at their death.  However, such a generous undertaking must be done with thought for the individual’s current or future reliance on SSI, Medicaid or other government benefits.

Chrys Jones can help you create a Special Needs Trust that will allow your special needs loved one to experience the highest possible quality of life while preserving their eligibility for SSI and Medicaid.  Whether receiving a settlement, judgment award, or estate planning gift, Chrys Jones has the experience and knowledge to prepare a Special Needs Trust that will allow your loved one to take advantage of more resources and life experiences than they might otherwise enjoy.

In addition, Chrys Jones provides a comprehensive approach to all legal considerations for long-term care, including guardianship and estate planning.  Chrys Jones’ goal is to ensure that you are aware of the potential roadblocks you may encounter or resources available to assist you in the current and future care of a special needs individual.  As part of the preparation process, Chrys Jones keeps in contact with a wide network of professionals in many specialties who are available to answer questions and provide support.

Call Chrys Jones today to schedule an appointment to discuss how a Special Needs Trust can help you provide for your loved one while preserving their eligibility for government benefits.