When a loved one dies, the assets in the estate must be distributed according to the wishes of the deceased or the intestate laws of Texas.  Determining to whom the assets should be distributed, how much each distributee gets, and when the assets can be distributed can be confusing and expensive.  More importantly, answering these questions accurately is imperative for the person receiving the asset to have good title.

Chrys Jones can help you with all aspects of Probate, Estate Administration, or Heirship.  She has experience in handling the probate of estates with or without a Will or Trust.  You can rely on Chrys Jones to walk you step-by-step through the process, keeping you informed each step of the way, so that you feel secure that your loved one’s estate is properly distributed according to Texas law and your loved one’s wishes.

If you want to know what to do with a loved one's estate after he or she has died, Chrys Jones can help.

Occasionally, a dispute may arise between family members if there is a question regarding the validity of a will. If you are contesting a will, Chrys Jones can help you through probate litigation. She will work hard to seek an amicable solution and preserve family harmony while aggressively protecting your interest in a loved one’s estate.

Call today to make an appointment with Chrys Jones to discuss the Probate or Estate Administration of your loved one’s estate assets.