Medicaid Planning

Long-term care planning is one of the most important parts of any estate planning process. If your estate plan does not provide for long-term nursing care then you may not be adequately prepared for the issues statistics show most elderly individuals face today.  Chrys Jones is prepared to discuss private-pay, long-term care insurance, and Medicaid eligibility when preparing for the high cost of long-term nursing care.

If private-pay or long-term insurance are not the right options for you, Chrys Jones can help you obtain Medicaid coverage for nursing home care.  This is a long process that is often confusing and frustrating for individuals not experienced in working with government agencies.  As your elder law attorney, Chrys Jones will evaluate your income and resources, create a plan for Medicaid eligibility, prepare your Medicaid application and supporting documents, and work on your behalf with Texas Health and Human Services to qualify you for Medicaid long-term nursing care benefits.

Even if you have already applied and been denied, Chrys Jones will evaluate your application and may be able to successfully appeal the denial.

Friends and family often give advice and information not realizing they are misinformed or don’t understand the process.  Chrys Jones is here to educate you on the realities of Medicaid long-term nursing care.  She will discuss all potential risks so you understand what you are facing and will show you what strategies can be used to safeguard against those risks.

Call Chrys Jones today to make an appointment to discuss Medicaid eligibility for you or your loved one.