When is a Guardianship necessary?  That is a question many families struggle with when caring for a loved one.  Chrys Jones understands the emotional strain families experience when considering a guardianship for their loved one who is struggling to act independently. Chrys Jones works with families to establish legal guardians and protect the best interests of elderly individuals, people dealing with mental illness, cognitive disabilities, drug addictions, and individuals who are physically debilitated.

Texas defines an incapacitated person as “an adult individual who, because of a physical or mental condition, is substantially unable to provide food, clothing, or shelter for himself or herself, to care for the individual's own physical health, or to manage the individual's own financial affairs; or a person who must have a guardian appointed to receive funds due the person from any governmental source.”

Since guardianship affects a person’s rights, it is important to know the implications of guardianship and explore other alternatives and choices before taking steps to have one established. Chrys Jones can help you understand less restrictive alternatives to legal guardianship.  She will take the time to discuss every option available to your loved one while working with you to ensure their protection.

Some people need a guardian for their entire adult life because of long-term disabilities, while others may need a guardian as a result of a brain injury or other traumatic event. Still others may need a guardian as age, physical infirmities and diseases affect their ability to provide for themselves.

Establishing a legal guardianship can be a long and often emotionally-charged time. Some families may disagree whether or not a guardianship is necessary. Chrys will be by your side throughout this process, while taking every measure possible to protect your loved one's best interests. She understands that often the unknown can lead to anxiety about the legal process.  Chrys Jones recognizes the importance of keeping you fully informed so you are never in the dark.

Contact Chrys Jones today and let her extensive experience help you determine if a guardianship would be in your loved one's best interests.