Estate Planning

Estate planning is essential for everyone.  No matter your circumstances, Chrys Jones can assist you in developing estate planning strategies that effectively reflect your wishes, needs and concerns.  She will thoroughly discuss and draft wills, trusts, powers of attorneys, living wills/directives, and all other relevant estate planning documents that provide for the needs of your personal circumstances.

Estate planning typically includes five documents: a Will or Trust, a Durable Power of Attorney, a Medical Power of Attorney, a HIPAA Release, and a Directive to Physicians.  All of these documents are part of pre-emergency planning.  If you or your family is already in an emergency situation, it could be too late to consider executing the needed estate plan.

Chrys Jones recommends everyone prepare for all emergencies by executing your estate planning documents before they are needed.

Powers of Attorney, whether durable or medical, allow the person of your choice to handle financial or medical decisions for you if you are unable to do so yourself.

Directives to Physicians, commonly known as a Living Will, tells family members and doctors your wishes regarding life support treatments and relieves your loved ones from the burden of having to make such an emotionally taxing decision for you.

Wills and Trusts make sure your estate is distributed to the people of your choice upon your death.  If an individual dies without a will, the Texas laws of intestacy determine who gets your assets.  Many assumptions are made as to who the heirs would be, and these assumptions are often incorrect.  In addition, probating an estate that does not include a Will or Trust can be expensive and drain estate assets so that your loved ones are cheated out of the gift you intended them to receive.

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